Rennes 2 launches the First Edition of the VEC Challenge for the Promotion of Sustainable and Connected Campuses

Working with partners from the eMERGE Alliance as well as other institutions, an international team of teacher-researchers, headed by Rennes 2, are launching the Virtual Classroom Environmental Challenge, an online course and competition for students from 5 different countries.

On October 1st, Rennes 2 and partnering institutions are kicking off a new innovative open online course, the Virtual Classroom Environmental Challenge.

Throughout the duration of the fall semester, students and teachers from: the University of Limerick, Ireland; INN, Norway; the University of Joseph KI-ZERBO, Burkina Faso; the Université Matej Bel, Slovakia; as well as from France: the Université Bretagne-Sud, the École Centrale Nantes and SCELVA (Service commun d’études des langues vivantes appliquées), will all be working hard to find new innovative ways to promote, connect and find ways to improve the sustainability of their campus environments. Split into 8 different teams, each one will need to develop ideas relevant to their campuses and then present those ideas to the opposing teams. Between November and December, students will take part in a semi-final and final competition for the best ideas and presentations put forward. Participating students will be eligible to receive 3 ECTS for the successful completion of the course. 

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